Moro Gelato


At Moro Gelato we make gelato the same way we do in Italy and, as in the Italian tradition, we offer our product for sale from our pozzetti out of our beautiful carts at a market near you, or at our shop.

Gelato is a freshly made, cold food made from fresh and pure local ingredients on a daily basis. We use fresh milk and cream and our sorbets are made in our kitchen from juicy seasonal fruit. Our creamy gelato is for milk lovers and our sorbets are perfect for those who want to skip dairy products.

Family Tradition

Our brand Moro Gelato has it's roots firmly planted in the coastal hills of Liguria. It was in the beautiful seaside town of Santa Margherita where little Stefano Moro first made gelato many years ago. Here his grandmother made delicious gelati of different flavours every Summer during the holidays while Stefano kept his eyes glued on, and his spoon ready for the gelato taking shape.


The milk man usually rang the bell on his bicycle at sunrise, followed by the fruttivendolo and the delivery man from the grocery shop.

Then, in the kitchen, the magic knowledge of Nonna made the rest, including her daily batch of gelato. Nonna always had the right recipe according to the raw materials she had available. Sometimes they were creamy and smooth and other times they were fruity and sweet. At the end, even though they were simply natural, it was this simplicity that made them so unique. Freshly cut fruit, water and sugar was what constituted her sorbetti and fresh milk and cream, her famous crema "Marchese". Those are the memories Stefano still carries in his heart, and that gave birth to his passion for gelato.

Give me Moro Gelato and Moro friends!

Stefano Moro, Heine van Wyk and Charlene Stephenson became friends many years ago after meeting in Milano on seperate occasions through their work in the fashion industry. They shared a passion. Gelato. So, after a couple of years of careful research, visiting the food capitals of Bologna and Parma, working up a storm in Milano, and choosing the best ingredients to combine with the Moro family's original expertise they are now ready to bring you Moro Gelato. They are paying tribute to the tradional Italian gelato artigianale of Nonna Moro and they carry the same passion for real flavours and quality as she did.

After spending most of his adult life living out another one of his passions doing fashion photography, Stefano Moro fell in love with South Africa during a shoot for a magazine in Cape Town and decided to try out making gelato in the "New World". Maybe his dream of having an endless Summer of gelato eating was about to come true? Stefano is our "Maestro gelataio" in charge of developing our flavours and deciding which ones makes the cut.

Heine van Wyk had a wonderful modelling career in Italy after quitting his job as a computer programmer in Cape Town. His experience with computers came in handy in Milano where he collaborated on fashion stories with Stefano, making video's and many other projects. Enjoying life in the gelato country, and thinking of the quality and freshness of ingredients in South Africa, they decided to bring back their experience to the Mother City. Heine makes sure that Moro Gelato is made in SA, but stays true to the Italian tradition.

Charlene Stephenson also followed a career as a model in Milan, Hamburg and London. After deciding to take a break from travelling, she found herself in London where she applied for a job at The famous River Café. She spent lots of time early in the mornings helping with the kitchen prep, learning about seasonal vegetables and discovering new and special ingredients flown in from Italy daily. After a few years at the River Cafè, Charlene definitely knew what Italian food was about and her knowledge is coming in handy in our cucina that she now runs.

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